Shipping policy

 Shipping at Twylight Crow

Shipping is FREE at Twylight Crow. To achieve this we have a limited shipping area. Read below to find out more.

We ONLY ship to the 50 U.S. States, including Washington D.C.

We DO NOT ship to anywhere international or overseas except for Hawaii.

This is how we keep costs down to minimum, are able to Ship Free , and still get the products to our customers within 7 to 10 business days.

NOTE : Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will take an additional 7 to 12 business days shipping time on top of the shipping time stated above.

 Federal holidays and Sundays add 1 day to the shipping time for each day off. This is because most medium to small sized items ship U.S.P.S.

All our products are shipped from a U.S. supplier from the closest warehouse to your location. The shipping method may be different each time. This is based on item weight and amount as well as what U.S. warehouse it is shipped from.

  • Shippers that may deliver your purchase are U.S.P.S, FedEx, UPS, and DHL.
  • Sometimes your delivery may start with one shipper like DHL and be moved to the State where you reside. Then transferred to your local U.S.P.S where it will be delivered to your mailbox.

Typically the lead time from customer order to receiving shipping tracking number is 3-5 business days.

Then the lead time from customer order to receiving the product is 7-10 business days. 

These are estimated leads times as each order is unique. Especially in our current environment the logistics are more complicated and the lead times are taking longer than ever.

Fraud Control - Important Please Read!!

Your "Ship To" address must be the same as the Delivery Address!

All credit cards or payment gateways must have the same address as the "Ship To" address. If not Shopify's automatic scam feature will keep us from processing the payment. You will not be able to purchase from our store if that is the case. 

Fun Fact : You can get to our stores front-page, by clicking the Logo in the top Left of your phone screen or browser, or anytime you see the Twylight Crow signature image like the one below this text.

Twylight Crow features print on demand custom artwork and photos on unique items.

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