Twylight Crow's Crown Rewards

Earning and Spending Twylight Crowns

You must checkout with a valid e-mail to accrue Twylight Crowns

Using Only a Phone Number at checkout, without a valid e-mail at checkout, will not accrue Twylight Crowns

So what is a Twylight Crown?

A Twylight Crown is a point system that adds up with every purchase you make here at Twylight Crow.

The Twylight Crown system is tied to your e-mail address, so when checking out, make sure it is valid, that way you can receive e-mails from the Crown system. If it is not valid you will be unable to access your link to receive your discount code.

  • You will accrue 5 Twylight Crowns for every $1 Dollar Spent.
  • When you get to 100 Twylight Crowns you get a $1 Dollar Discount.
  • You can turn in Crowns in values of 100 each, up to a Maximum of 1000 crowns on a single order purchase.

So to get a $5 Dollar discount code you would need 500 Twylight Crowns.

And the Maximum you can spend on a single entire order is 1000 Crowns, which is a $10 Dollar discount.

Other ways to earn Twylight Crown Points!

  • If you create an account with Twylight Crow, with a valid e-mail, you will receive 200 Twylight Crowns.
  • Once your in the Rewards System Console, you can adjust the date of your Birthday. If you enter a Birthday that is at least 30 days or more out from your sign up date, you will receive 200 Twylight Crown Points on the exact day of your birthday.
  • Like or Share our Facebook Page through a link created in the Rewards System Console. Click the link in the Console to Like on Facebook, and complete the page like. You can also click the link, to Share on Facebook, with a post or story. Each click will get you 50 Twylight Crown Points. These are one-time offers.

Special Note :  Because of the limitation of 30 days out for Birthday dates, we would be happy to add 200 points manually, for anyone who signs up for an account, with a birthday 29 days or less away from their sign up date. If this is you, then after you have signed up, please contact us at with your name and e-mail address so we can give you the points. The points will be put in as soon as our Technician can get to it, and you will not have to wait for your birthday to receive them in this case.

So how can I access the Twylight Crowns Rewards Console?

After you have made a purchase at Twylight Crow, you can access the Rewards Console, by clicking on the Purple Button in the bottom right of your phone, tablet, or desktop web browser.

Once you enter the valid e-mail you made your purchase with, the Rewards system will send an e-mail link to login to your account. This will open a new Twylight Crow store window with the rewards system open to your account.

So how can I spend my Twylight Crown Points?

You must be logged into the Rewards System Console with your valid e-mail to access your Twylight Crown Points, and get your custom code to use at checkout, for money off your next purchase.

Do I need an Account at Twylight Crow's Store to Access the Crown Rewards and accrue them?

No you do not.

All you have to do is make a purchase at Twylight Crow, with a valid e-mail address at checkout. The Rewards System is based on your e-mail.

It will create a special login link, that it will send to your e-mail, when you sign into the Crown System Console with that e-mail. You then click the link in the e-mail to open a new Twylight Crow store page, with the Twylight Crown Rewards Console open to your account.

Who runs the Rewards system and what is their Privacy Policy?

The rewards system is run by

Their Privacy Policy can be found here >>

Fun Fact : You can get to our stores front-page, by clicking the Logo in the top Left of your phone screen or browser, or anytime you see the Twylight Crow signature image like the one below this text.

Twylight Crow features print on demand custom artwork and photos on unique items.

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