Direct to Garment Custom T-Shirt Printing at Twylight Crow

Printing Direct to Garment, to Customize our Clothing and Accessories

Direct to Garment or "DTG" is a way to print on an item directly.

Direct to Garment is usually a much brighter bolder image. It is also usually cheaper then Dye Sublimation printing.

Unlike Dye Sublimation printing which is usually restricted to polyester or polyester blends, DTG prints well on other materials like cotton or cotton blends just fine.

The downside of using DTG is it will crack or fade over time. You'll see this on old T-Shirts that are faded or have parts of the image missing. But if you want a soft cotton t shirt, Direct to Garment is the best way to go.

Twylight Crow uses DTG on some of it's earlier sock designs, and All of the Cotton Tees with a single print on the Front of the shirt.

How does Direct to Garment work?

Just like your printer that prints directly to paper, the Direct to Garment printer, prints right to the product.

Sometimes to get a better print, a promoter is used. Sometimes, this will cause your T-Shirt or product to have a slight vinegar smell or a slightly yellowish hue. This comes out with the first wash.

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Twylight Crow features print on demand custom artwork and photos on unique items. You can even design your own on Mugs, Journals, Hoodies and T-shirts.


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