June 2022 Blog - News from the Crow's Nest!

June 2022 Blog - News from the Crow's Nest!

June 2022 Blog at the Crow's Nest! - Twylight Crow's monthly Crow's Nest Blog.

We have a new F.A.Q. page named Just the FAQ'S. This page delivers short answers to Hot questions on our Shipping and Refund policies.

We have three new products in the shop!

First, were going to slowly switch over to a new Can Cooler Sleeve that comes in normal can size 12oz. and slim can size. We have several new patterns on it currently, and we are going to switch all our designs to this model eventually.

Second, we have Women's Capri Leggings. These are very nice. We've put some of our newest and some of our most liked patterns on the one's we've created.

The Third newest product is a Men's Basketball Jersey. We currently only have the "Cosmic Dragon" design on the first one, but we will be setting the patterns for more in the near future.

For Pattern to Product creation, we've used "Cosmic Dragon" on many new products, both Clothing and Home & Decor. We've put "Bohemian POG Tye Dye" on lots of new products also.

To see many of our newest creations go to our Newest Products page, all our products sorted from Newest to Oldest. You can also change the sort to whatever way you want.

We have also added two more colors to our Gregorian Golden Silk pattern. Red and Black to go along with our Original Green!

Twylight Crow has finally topped 500 followers on our Facebook page!

And we finally opened a Twitter page for new products and random product tweets.

Well that's about it for the Last month. It's starting to get hot outside, time to get on those basketball shorts and a pair of flip-flops!

Attribution for the colorful backgroud banner used in this month's Blog Picture goes out to June Vectors by Vecteezy. Clicking the link will take you to the page where you can find this image!

Thanks, everyone. Have a wonderful June.

Fun Fact : You can get to our stores front-page, by clicking the Logo in the top Left of your phone screen or browser, or anytime you see the Twylight Crow signature image like the one below this text.

Twylight Crow features print on demand custom artwork and photos on unique items. You can even design your own on Mugs, Journals, Hoodies and T-shirts.

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