August 2022 Blog - News from the Crow's Nest!

August 2022 BLOG! Tales from the Crow's Nest - Twylight Crow - Official Page

August 2022 Blog at the Crow's Nest! - Twylight Crow's monthly Crow's Nest Blog.

We've added to our main landing page with a "What we do" and "Why buy from us" section. We also setup the "All about You" link section for better visual flow, and updated the Quick links and Helpful links at the bottom footer.

We also developed two new pages, the first is "ORDER PROCESS FLOW", this page describes your purchase, to Delivery, and Beyond. Your options and what you can expect.

The 2nd new page is our newest site app integration explaination page. It's called "Twylight Crown Rewards". It explains everything you need to know on how to aquire "Twylight Crowns" and how they can be spent. It's our reward to returning customers, collecting crowns for every dollar spent, and getting money off future purchases.

Our team has optimized the product pages and shopping cart with Free Shipping explainations and links as well as our refund policy link on the product pages.

Our new design patterns include 

We also added our patterns "Gateways" and "Bohemian POG Tye Dye" to several products we didn't imbue them with before this.

Our Twitter account is up and running and we post a random product a day and post collections once in awhile. >>

 The Sunflower tie dye background used in this months Blog Post was created by Rawpixel and you can check them out at the link below.

Tie dye background photo created by -

Thanks everyone, and have a wonderful August!

Fun Fact : You can get to our stores front-page, by clicking the Logo in the top Left of your phone screen or browser, or anytime you see the Twylight Crow signature image like the one below this text.

Twylight Crow features print on demand custom artwork and photos on unique items.

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