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Twylight Crow's Frequently Asked Questions


Because your item is one of a kind, and made to order, we cannot re-sell it. So we do not accept returns.

We only give refunds if there are print issues, sewing damage, or damage from shipping, and you contact us within 15 days of receiving your purchase.

We do NOT give refunds if you order the wrong size! Please Read the sizing chart on your product page and make sure it will match your measurements before your purchase. You can also view our Sizing Chart page here >> SIZING CHARTS 

To receive a refund, Send an e-mail to support@twylightcrow.store

Please send pictures of your damaged item from all sides and angles.

Also make sure to give your name, the name of the product, the purchase date, payment method and most important, the order number which is located at the top of your initial e-mail in the subject line.

Your refund will be sent back to your original payment gateway.

Print Issues are any type of print error such as, incomplete or missing print areas, splatters, blobs, or lines not meant to be in the print, and double prints.

If the image is extremely blurry and is not meant to be, this is also considered a Print Issue. 

There is a fine line when it comes to blurry images, as many of our Ombre's, or backgrounds with a main image, are meant to be blurry. In fact they are created that way.

Sewing Damage is when the thread is coming loose causing parts of the shirt to come apart. 

We do not normally give a refund if the print is off on the sides, shoulders, or sleeves as each section of an "All Over Print" product is printed separately and then sewn together. Because of this the print areas may not match and could be off by up to 1" inch.

If the sewn areas are significantly off from the images shown on the product page, we would then give a refund for that issue.

We do NOT give refunds if the colors you see on your device, do not match your purchase!

Every device is different, color settings, as well as brightness and hue settings, can change the look of a product a lot. 

Everyone's eyes are different and not everyone sees colors the same.

Some people have slight color blindness and don't see certain shades of colors the same as everyone else.

Because of these things we cannot guarantee the colors will match what you see on the device you make your purchase on.

This is mentioned in our Terms of Service page that can be viewed here >> https://twylightcrow.store/policies/terms-of-service 

Yes we do!

Please click this link to view our Refund Policy page >> https://twylightcrow.store/policies/refund-policy 


Yes, but we have a limited shipping area.

We only ship to the 50 U.S. States, including Washington D.C.

We do not ship to anywhere overseas except for Hawaii.

The printing shops will ship your custom purchase either United States Postal Service (U.S.P.S), or use DHL to ship to the State you reside in, then drop your purchase off at a local U.S.P.S which will then deliver to your mailbox. 

Very rarely your purchase might come United Postal Service (UPS).

Our shipping time is based on printing time, drying, sewing, packaging, and the shippers time table.

With that in mind, total shipping time, from ordering to receiving your purchase, is a window of 8 to 12 days on average.

Most people get there custom made purchase in 10 days.

Alaska and Hawaii will generally take up to 12 days more, on top of the 10 day average, for a total of 22 days average.

Most but not all, will come in a basic white plastic poly mailer.

Generally, if the order is more than 5 items and they are all from the same printer, everything is shipped in a cardboard box with products individually packaged in plastic bags.

Larger items will come in boxes, like the Cabin Suitcase which comes in a double walled shipping carton. 

We sure do, you can click on this link to go there and view it >> https://twylightcrow.store/policies/shipping-policy 

Thanks for visiting our FAQ page!
If you still need help, please contact us at Twylight Crow Support.

Fun Fact : You can get to our stores front-page, by clicking the Logo in the top Left of your phone screen or browser, or anytime you see the Twylight Crow signature image like the one below this text.

Twylight Crow features print on demand custom artwork and photos on unique items. You can even design your own on Mugs, Journals, Hoodies and T-shirts.


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